Setup, execution & business outcome

Digital transformations - Mobile First, IOT, ERP, CRM & Big Data
  • Program outcome - what is driving the transformation?

  • Program setup - LEAN agile and robust global program governance. High performance teams, anchored on Business Process Ownership and "ready-to-test" solutions.

  • Program execution - Agile delivery focus enabling new technology - drops every month with continuous business outcome

  • Transformation - focus on how it can be done :)

Process optimisation & organisation 
  • Process optimisations - Simplification, harmonisation and standardisation of processes - enabling AI, automation and removing bureaucracy. Global drive - local ownership.

  • Organisation optimisations - streamlining the processes, creates a need for organisation re-structuring. 20/60/20 model of change - transforming the organisation from within.

Outsourcing/ Off shoring
  • Outsourcing - experts in selection and preparations of business process areas to be outsourced.

  • Off shoring - establishing shared service centres in either Europe or Asia, to handle administrative processes, is a key competence of ours. And within IT transformation programs, outsourcing of development, testing and application management & support.

Organisational change leadership
  • Leadership - Focus on why transformation is needed, creating empowered teams that are empowered and embrace change.

  • Global Stakeholder Management & Communication - Transformations are about people - and how you identify and  communicate the right information to the key global players.

  • End User Management - When local employees see the outcome, transformations are successful. Simple right? :)

Simplification of IT landscapes
  • Capability models - define the capabilities within the company

  • Application landscapes - create an overview of applications and the capabilities they fulfil.

  • Simplification roadmaps - an effective road to shrinking the diversification of applications, and enriching key capabilities within each key application to create a simpler IT landscape.

Markets, channels & technology
  • New Markets - How to enter and setup new markets and business units - mainly in Europe and Asia.

  • New Channels - Setup of new channels, especially mobile first strategy and internet of things.

  • New Technology - IT enabling in all aspects of a company. From IT driven process optimisation to visionary internat enablers as potential game changers - IOT, AI and Big Data.